Great news for those who were looking for a replacement for the discontinued Infiniti FX

Great news for those who were looking for a replacement for the discontinued Infiniti FX, but never found it. Brand "infiniti" produces a new cross-coupe with a similar design, but a completely different technique. Although the fact of the appearance of the coupe-like crossover QX55-is not a sensation, because the official sketch of such a machine Infiniti showed back in August at the "elegance Contest" in California pebble beach.

The problem is that at this moment we have the right to show you only the latest official teaser, since formally the world premiere of Infiniti QX55 will take place only in 2020.

This is the maximum that we can now show. But even so it is clearly visible how sculptural were the sides of the Infiniti QX55.
Most importantly, the "fifty-fifth" really carries the stylistic DNA of the beloved FX cross-coupe. Here and harmonious sloping roof, and littered rear racks, and even LED-lights with volumetric light design reminiscent of FX. Above the rear wheel arches-powerful "shoulders", thanks to which the SUV looks dynamic even in static. 

The fact that the basis of the QX55 is a standard crossover QX50, follows in General, even from the index of this new product. The design of the front of the cross-coupe in General repeats the QX50, but the plastic bumpers were redesigned and became more spectacular. 

Released in 2003, Infiniti FX became a sensation, as such an aggressive and bold design in those years did not offer anyone. By the way, the concepts of "cross-coupe" and "coupe-crossover" also did not exist.

Technically, the new QX55 will also largely repeat the original "fifty", so that under the hood is expected 2-liter gasoline engine VC-Turbo with variable compression ratio. In the United States, it develops 272 HP, and in Russia-favorable tax 249 HP.. The transmission is a XTronic CVT. 

We could not see the interior, but it will probably resemble the QX50 with its two screens on the center console. Moreover, the 55th will immediately receive a new multimedia complex Infiniti InTouch with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

All the details about the cross-coupe should be expected in the 1-2 quarter of 2020, when its world premiere will take place.

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