Despite the fact that the imported Golf has become a model for connoisseurs

In Germany, sales of the new generation of "Golf" has already opened. .

Despite the fact that the imported Golf has become a model for connoisseurs, and in the sales of the "seven" even had a long pause, Volkswagen will still bring the new Golf of the 8th generation to the market.

And most importantly, we were able to find out what range of powertrains are prepared for the market. If we talk only about the engines, they will remain the same-it is atmospheric 1.6 l capacity of 110 HP, as well as turbocharged 1.4 l TSI in two power options-125 and 150 HP.. 

But with transmissions all the more interesting: if the base motor will still be combined with manual transmission or 6-speed automatic Aisin, the 1.4 l engines will deprive the robot DSG-7 and transferred to a modern 8-speed automatic-also produced by Aisin.

By the way, the selector of the machine in the form of a stick at new "Golf" - consider, from Porsche 911!

We emphasize that VW Group refuses to use a preselective robot not only for the Golf model, but also in the case of a pair of new Skoda-Octavia and Karoq. However, given the fact that the TDI is considered for the Octavia, the appearance of such a motor is not excluded in the longer term.

The VW Golf 8 hatchback will get rid of the basic Halogens and will receive entry-level LED optics as standard.

And Volkswagen is preparing the global premiere of the charged version of the Golf GTI, which is likely to show in may 2020 at the annual fan get-together GTI Treffen.

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