Toyota LQ concept announced for the Tokyo motor show

Toyota LQ concept announced for the Tokyo motor show, built on the traces of the prototype 2017 with name Concept-i. However, the hatchback has become much more sophisticated concept even two years ago that his advancement was not shown on a conventional motor show, and the most pretentious exhibition of achievements.

The main "chip" LQ - already mentioned Yui, symbiosis of artificial intelligence and autopilot. Thanks to him, the hatchback will be able to make decisions on its own in the vast majority of road situations: it is claimed that the unmanned control system has a class 4 autonomy. In addition, Yui will adjust the situation in the cabin of the concept according to the mood of the driver, and do it yourself and without commands. He will be able, for example, to adjust the climate and lighting, and even pick up music tracks that are suitable for the situation and the manner of driving at the moment.

Yui will operate an augmented reality system, demonstrate various warnings to the driver and provide passengers with information on topics they are supposedly interested in. And he will do it personally, highlighting the person to whom he addresses.

The concept was also equipped with the ability to send messages to the outside world. He will do this with the help of Digital Micromirror Device and thousands of micro-reflectors in the head optics: their task is to project on the roadway

part in front of the machine are pictograms, emoticons and possibly text messages.

Additional comfort will be the answer seat with automatically pumped the bellows, to manage which, you will probably be Yui – changing the shape of the chairs and the intensity of ventilation and heating, the machine can embolden or Vice versa will relax the driver.

Toyota LQ will debut at the Tokyo motor show on October 23.

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