The installation of all-wheel drive weighed the car by 75 kg

The installation of all-wheel drive weighed the car by 75 kg, but Toyota says that it did not affect the space in the cabin or the volume of the trunk. Depending on the situation, up to 50% of the thrust can be transferred to the rear axle. But with uniform traffic on the road Camry AWD becomes front-wheel drive.

However, some restrictions are still there. So, all-wheel drive will be combined with only one engine: gasoline "atmospheric" volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of more than 200 HP paired with an 8-speed automatic. Other versions will remain monoprinting.

Four-wheel drive with" Camry " shared a new co-platform RAV4. The engine, transmission and rear differential were taken from it, and the rear multi-link suspension was adapted to the drive gearbox and reconfigured. The modified driveshafts are taken from the new Highlander.  
To American dealers Toyota Camry AWD of the year will arrive next spring (then the prices will be called), and in the US such models will be supplemented by a package for cold weather, which will include heated mirrors, seats and steering wheel. It is already known that in the US all-wheel drive Dynamic Torque Control AWD will be offered for the Camry in versions LE, XLE, SE and XSE grades.

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