Cadillac has opened orders for the updated 2020 model year mid-size crossover XT5

Cadillac has opened orders for the updated 2020 model year mid-size crossover XT5. The manufacturer has already named the prices and timing of the appearance of new items at official dealers.

By mid-life, the XT5, released from January 2016, had received more cosmetic changes. Slightly changed trim, premium Luxury package received a light grille, Sport version-darker. There is a new basic two-liter gasoline turbo LSY. For Russia, it produces 200 HP and 350 Nm already at 1500 rpm. the Engine is combined with an alternative 9-speed automatic and all-wheel drive with GKN clutch and thrust vectoring.

The Cadillac XT5 starter kit includes a rear-view camera, lane departure prevention system, front and rear Parking assistance system, blind spot monitoring, distance detection system to the vehicle in front and warning of a possible frontal collision and pedestrian Recognizer. The potential danger signal is transmitted through the vibration system in the driver's seat headrest.

In the list of options-night vision system, which allows you to detect objects at a distance of more than 30 meters in the dark and displays the image of the road ahead of the car on the dashboard screen. There is also a rearview mirror with streaming video, a round-the-clock camera, an automatic Parking system with braking function and a projection display. Bose Performance Series audio system with 14 speakers and active noise reduction system Bose Audio Pilot will also be offered for an additional fee.

In salon already in a starting complete set there is a furnish by a tree, leather of manual dressing, carbon fiber and metal. There is also led interior lighting. At the same time, the panoramic roof UltraView is already included in the basic equipment.

The updated Cadillac XT5 has two versions: Premium Luxury and Sport. Pre-order is already open.

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