The flagship 7-seater Infiniti QX80 is not particularly loaded with supertechnologies

The flagship 7-seater Infiniti QX80 is not particularly loaded with supertechnologies, but the infiniti brand is still worth praising: the relevance of the model is supported by regular technical and visual updates.

If you remember, the freshest restyling affected the QX80 just last year-then seriously revised the design. And now the Japanese have prepared a new upgrade, and it concerns equipment. 

Last year, the QX80 got a modern adaptive LED-optics in a new design and with a well-recognized light graphics.

The all-terrain vehicle of the 2020 model year received a new front panel with a" two-storey " digital architecture, following the example of the Nissan Patrol. The place of the unpretentious old media system was taken by the multimedia complex Infiniti InTouch of the last generation. It consists of a pair of high-resolution touchscreen displays.

Bose has been developing speakers for Infiniti since the first day of the Japanese brand's existence.

The top 8-inch screen is reserved for navigation and entertainment content, while the bottom 7-inch HD-touchscreen is a functional module with widgets, which is responsible for all onboard settings. Fans of high-quality sound are addressed to the new premium acoustics Bose Performance Series with 17 speakers.

The new generation of Infiniti InTouch media system in the 2020 model year will appear in both the Q50 sedan and the qx50 crossover.

Perhaps the main acquisition of the InTouch device is the long-awaited support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces, including their branded voice assistants. And the updated Infiniti QX80 received a completely different dashboard. It is still based on the analog wells of the speedometer and tachometer, but in between there is finally an extended 7-inch trip computer screen with modern graphics. Yes, it's still not completely digital tidy, but it looks nice, and the visualization of the electronic assistants is performed at a decent level.

The entire line of Infiniti cars in the picture - in a special version of Edition 30, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Japanese premium brand. From differences from the standard - only the darkened external decor and the expanded set of security systems. To us such machines will not bring - and small loss.

By the way, about the electronic assistants. On cars 2020 model year emerged an updated, more precise complex security ProPilot Assist. At the same time, marking tracking, blind spot monitoring, a system for detecting interference when opening rear doors and preventing collisions when reversing will be offered as standard equipment.

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