Strictly speaking, nothing new, the debut did not open – except for design. ID.3 looks like

Strictly speaking, nothing new, the debut did not open – except for design. ID.3 looks like a one hundred percent Volkswagen, but it is decorated in a completely new way: with the original body curves, a new "face" and extravagant solutions in the rear racks. And Yes, with new logo and led optics that can be matrix and "smart".

The length of the electric car stretched to 4 260 mm, which is comparable to the dimensions of Golf, but its wheelbase is already 2 770 mm, which is much more. This was achieved by the layout solutions of the new MEB platform, the design of which provides for the location of the power unit on the rear axle, batteries – in the floor panels, and other devices – in the front. This provides space and a flat floor in the cabin, short overhangs and optimal weight distribution on the axes. The volume of the trunk declared at 380 liters, which is also comparable to the performance of "Golf".

The interior is decorated in a deliberately minimalist key, but two monitors novelty still got-in front of the driver and on the center console. There are almost no physical buttons left in the cabin: the control of all functions is concentrated either on the sensors or on the voice interface.

As for the motor range, in General it has already been declassified: at the start of sales VW ID.3 will complement the 204-horsepower motor on the rear axle and three battery options - 330, 420 or 550 km. In VW believe that thus cover the maximum audience with different needs and financial capabilities. The minimum battery charging time is half an hour, but it will require a 125-kilowatt device.

Orders for the first copies of the hatch in the performance of the 1st are already accepted: they will be released about 30 thousand and, according to the company, almost all electric vehicles have already been disassembled. Build a starting version based on ID.3 with an average battery option and will be offered in three different trim levels. The maximum of them involves 20-inch wheels, panoramic Windows, projection display, adaptive cruise, matrix optics and the like.

Production of the same standard ID.3 will begin, apparently, next year. Officially, the prices are not yet called: VW uses the phrase "less than 30 thousand euros" for the basic version. Thus, the novelty really has a chance to become the beginning of a new era and a mass pass to the world of electric mobility.

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